Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This BEAUTIFUL girl that I am with has a story to share. I was blessed to be a part of that story and blessed to be able to share her story with people back home. Now I am going to share it with you from her perspective. This is Lucy's story...

i'm not sure what you want hear so i wrote everything about me and God..about my way to faith and how everything changed my life...so take what to you want from that :) i hope it'll not be so long because when i start talk about it i can't stop :D :)
so....in past i thought that i believe in God.But i really didn't.I couldn't say ,,I love Jesus" or ,,I want follow my Lord" it was little bit weird for me to say.But E-camp changed everything.I saw people how they talk about God and about faith and about everything about they shared their problems and everyone listened to them.I was like ,,WAU!" there are so many people who are there for me and i know them only few days!it's so amazing..and all of them love Jesus and they are showing God's love and they are spreading love.And for the first time i saw so many kind people on one place.I didn't know many believers.My mum doesn't believe and my father neither.On camp one day i really felt God's love!This day was so awesome for me!it changed me totally.My opinions my outlook on life.and mainly my relationship to my mum.We have really bad relationship.She always loved my sister and every time she told me that she want me to be like my sister.In everything..i know that i'm more happy with my fathers family and my mum hate it.I always fought with her.But now...yes we have fights..but i learned love her despite all.I'm showing her my love to Jesus..but she doesn't understand.She always says to me that I'll grow up out of it.She never didn't support me.Never.And now neither.But it makes me stronger.Maybe God did this to me because he has something for me to do and i will not have these problems with my mum i will never trying find love from God.I found love in God.I found support in my brothers and sisters in Jesus and that makes me stronger.Everything is new for me and I'm still little bit scared about reaction my friends in my life there in Sokolov and in my school.But i know that I'm not alone.The most helped me e-camp.See you Jackie and John,Natalie,Ashley how you love each other how you're sharing your love with everybody when i listened you in discussion groups i heard how amazing people God makes.When i met Zack,when i talked to him for the first time and VĂ­tek and Josh too.All of them are so kind young boys!I couldn't believe! Because i know only boys without any respect to girls i know maybe 2 boys but these guys Andrew and Jonathan too and every boy on e-camp..It was so beautiful see it.I'm so happy that i met them.I can only say thank you God that i met these people!!All of these things conficed me that only God can make people like them.Only when i will follow him only if i will leave him to lead me on the best way on my life,i can be happy and i can be maybe like these people one day.I Love my Lord!Now i can say that and it's not weird for me it's pleased to me say that i love him!He learned me love people around me be more kind.I wasn't sure with that but now i know that i want study psychology and i want help people with their problems i want help people find support and security.I want help people who were abuse or anything else.Because everyone should have chance to live beautiful live with love.I wish to everyone to find love in Jesus and recognize the feeling what i feel.

This brings chills to me bones and a huge smile to my face. I love this girl and can't wait to see her again and be reunited with my segra (sister).

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  1. that was cool! thanks for sharing Jackie and Lucy!