Thursday, October 8, 2009

Teddy Grahams and Dried Fruit

So this from awhile ago I just never posted it opps! lol

I have roommate from Mississippi and her name is Missi. She really liked to hunt animal deer, birds, ducks, raccoons and the list goes on. She has been really bummed out because she has missed a lot of the hunting season back in Mississippi so PK let her and Cheif, another instructor, take a few pellet guns and shoot them out in the range.

Last night we were all in our room minding our own business. I was shopping on-line and chatting to old friends on facebook, Kove was sleeping and Missi and Poppy where also on their computers when out of now where Poppy goes, " You guys, there are raccoons outside our window!!" These words sent our night into a raccoon stakeout.

Missi and I ran outside to see them and the things that they have gotten into. But, we scared them so they ran away. As we were outside the boy in the room next to us came out to see what all the commotion was. We told them there were raccoons hang out in the hallway. Bearcarver came running out the door with the pellet gun like a little kid jumping around yelling "Where are they? Where are they?" As he takes off running in the direction that Missi and I were pointing and the other boy shuffling in and out of the room.

I ran inside because it was incredibly cold. Poppy was safely watching all the action from the comfort of her bed through the window. Missi ran straight for her chocolate Teddy Grahams and ran quickly back out the door. When I peaked around the corner Missi was setting up the Teddy Grahams in the shape of an arrow pointing towards our doors. Boy were all inside their room staking out by their window.

Everytime the racoons would come and start eating the trail Missi would up in excitment and startlightly knocking, so she wouldn't scare the racoons away, on the boys wall in hopes that they would grab the gun and shoot it. Well, let me tell you this went on ALL night along. We all went to bed at around 1am only to be woken up two hours alter to the raccoons going through the trash and Missi having a fit because she wish she had the pellet gun. It was very much so an adventurous night!

Oh yeah, the next day Missi and I took the gun from the boys room and she was successful later that night in finally shooting a raccoon!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Half Way There!

Wow, we have finished our first two weeks of OE and I'm sitting here in my room waiting for week 3 to start! This is crazy. The last two weeks have been very draining but SO MUCH FUN! The kids have been so endearing. I am learning a few different things. First is that I love Elementary ages more than any other age. They are so into the interesting things that we have to tell them. They still listen to use because they think that we are soo cool , and we are soo cool, and they have very curious minds and ask a ton of questions! I love that so much.

Second thing that I am learning is that I love teaching. Before this, OE, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my life and where I was going. But now, hopefully this wont change when I get home, I really want to pursue teaching elementary ages.

I just went home this last weekend to visit and just rest on my long weekend off and I didn't want to leave at the end of the weekend. I just wanted to stay and get stated with school. I wanted to stay home and reconnect with friends and find a job. I wanted to stay and dive into the college group and get to know new people. When the weekend came to an end I didn't want to leave. But, this is where God has me for now. Ministering to an age group that I love. If God is going to teach as much as he did in these last three week in these next two weeks then I'm stoked for it!

So just I have been talking about how I have been teaching this class on insect but I haven't posted any pictures. So here ya go!( NOTE: I only teach girl bu ton small weeks my partner, Chief, will each teach just one class instead of two and so most of the pictures are from his class when I didn't have to teach) When I start out my class we go on a hike and i hike them to a giant red wood ant hill. The ants have been building this hill for about three years!

I also use these insect glasses to explain the eye of an insect and I always have volunteers help me with this!
Then here are a couple pictures of the girls in my classes on their insect hunt!

Alright, hopefully I can update date you soon!