Monday, October 8, 2012

The Call To Adopt

Well, I'm back here on this blog. With this I want to share something so dear to my hear.

I graduated from high school about 6 years ago. My time in high school was spent being sheparded by two amazing people. Todd Roughton, who was my high school pastor, and his wonderful wife Summer. Who was my small group leader for about two years. I spent time loving on their children, soaking up truth and love from both Todd and Summer. I developed my love of crafting and scrapbooking from Summer herself. Spent countless house at their house. 

God took them to San Luis Obispo, Oregon, and now Idaho. They were missed and still are missed greatly.  Now God has called them to something even more exciting. Adoption. I would try to tell you their story but trust me Summer does a much better job at it. So I'll go a head and let you read it about here at Just click on the website I just typed and it should take you straight there. They also has a vidoe about their adoption story. I watched it and cried!  So go ahead and watch it here.

Todd, at the end of the video, reminds us that as followers of Christ we are called to help the orphans. He too does a much better of explaining this then I can. SO seriously go ahead and watch the video!  RIGHT HERE!