Friday, January 20, 2012

I would like to announce...

that on May 29th I will be stepping onto a Jet plane destined for  Prague, Czech Republic where I will spend the next 3 months as an intern with Josiah Venture (learn more about the organization here)  leading English camp and telling the Czech youth about the good news of Jesus Christ. I AM SO STIKIN EXCITED!!!!!! I got the call on December 20th and was invited to be a part of the Czech Republic Intern Team. I ecstatically accepted!

This has been something that I have been praying about for the last 6 months. God has so graciously allowed me to be apart of this amazing ministry. I could write for days and days about what I am thinking and what I am feeling. There is just so much to say! 

I will be a part of an intern team made up of about 5-7 other people and we will be leading English camps. That includes training teams that come and going with them to camps to teach conversational English classes, play games, lead discussion groups, lead night time programs, sing, dance, share about Jesus, and build relationships with these Czech students. I am not kidding this is what I was designed for! If you have followed any of my previous blog posts then you will know how near and dear this ministry, this country, and these students are to my heart.

I have many challenges ahead of me. For starters I have to raise support. I have never raised support on this level before and yes I am VERY nervous for it. But I have already seen God providing for me in this area in simple ways. Why should I doubt? I have to figure out how my leaving in May is going to affect my school that doesn't end till June. There is preparation I know that the Lord is going to be doing in my heart before I leave and so many other different things that have to come together, and by God's grace I know they will, before I leave.

If you are reading this and you feel the Spirit tugging on your heart to pray for me I have a few request! =)

1. That I am diligent in my time and with the recourse that God is providing for me as I look ahead to fundraising.
2. That I will continually hand over to the Lord my anxiety and fear about raising money and that I can set aside my pride and humble myself to invite others into this ministry with me.
3. That I will not resist the preparation God will be doing in my heart
4. Unity of my intern team, softened hearts of the students we will meet, and provision for the other teams that churches will send over to serve with us.

I know and trust that God is working big in my life right now! If you would like to support me send me your e-mail address and address to my e-mail here : and I will be more than happy to send you a support letter and information on how to better support me. There will also be a few other things that I will be launching to raise support like my very own Etsy Shop , which is still in the works, and another secret event that I will just keep you guessing for!

God is doing great things!

His Hands & Feet


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  1. my heart literally started beating faster as i read this. i'm so stoked for you! God bless this venture! May He work in you and through you for you good and His glory.